Vibration dampers

Would you like to eliminate perceptible play and creaking in the steering wheel of your Xiaomi scooter? We recommend a simple and inexpensive solution in the form of professional steering wheel pads.


Scooter handlebar pads - comfortable and durable

Rubber pads, which are placed at the hinge of the folding mechanism, allow you to stiffen it and thus get rid of unwanted play. Our parts are perfectly matched to the screw holding the handlebar hitch, so you don't have to worry about losing the washer, for example, when moving or unfolding the folded scooter.

The pad effectively gets rid of too much space, but leaves enough room so as not to cause stress on the hitch. Each version available in our assortment is made of high-quality hard rubber resistant to any kind of deformation or mechanical damage. Our steering wheel pads not only do not crumple while driving, but also do not wear out during use, so they maintain the same thickness all the time. Thanks to the use of rubber pads, you will not only prevent friction of metal parts, but also quiet the mechanism of folding the scooter, which will translate into greater enjoyment of the ride.


For the sake of your safety - sizes of pads

In the offer of our store you will find handlebar pads with a standard thickness of 0.4 mm, which are ideal for new models of electric scooters or those in which the hitch is not yet worn out. We also offer other thicknesses of pads - if you are not sure what size you need, you can purchase a set of three. Larger thicknesses are provided for scooters with noticeable play that cannot be adjusted, and for models with a worn out hitch. Thus, you can be sure that the pads will fit perfectly and provide you with the highest level of safety when riding in all conditions.

The assortment of our store is a variety of accessories for electric scooters of the most famous brands. You will find parts compatible with specific models of this type of vehicles, so you have a guarantee of their durability and high functionality. It is worth noting that we produce some accessories ourselves with the help of 3D printers or in the company's workshop, and the high quality of our products is evidenced by positive feedback from many satisfied customers.

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