The electric scooters offered in this category are an excellent choice for all those who want to move comfortably and quickly around the city. Standing in traffic jams is often annoying and at the same time involves a waste of time that can be used much more pleasantly. Just give up traveling by car during rush hour and take advantage of the benefits of practical and stylish unicycles available in our store at attractive prices.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with all models, and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact our consultants. Employees will be happy to answer them and advise you on the purchase, so you will certainly dispel any doubts. We wish you successful shopping!

Electric scooters for adults - what to follow when buying?

Our store with electric scooters offers only models from reputable manufacturers that have an excellent reputation among today's customers. Among the leading companies are MOTUS, OKAI and TECHLIFE. All of them are excellent choices, but it is worthwhile to be guided by individual requirements when buying.

So, when choosing a scooter, pay attention to some of the most important factors. Among them can be mentioned:

motor power, on which acceleration and maximum speed depend,

maximum range on a single charge, which indicates how long a route we can cover on a full battery,

an easy-to-read display indicating battery level and speed and driving mode,

the type of tires, on which depends a comfortable and safe ride around the city and in much more difficult and demanding conditions and difficult terrains to overcome (bumps, hills),

the dimensions of the scooter - a smaller scooter is easier to transport, but on larger models you ride more comfortably

additional equipment - a bell responsible for a sound signal and lights that affect the safety of moving an electric scooter and the comfort of the ride,

water resistance determined by IP degree,

folding mechanism,

charging time,

maximum load,



In our store there is also no shortage of proposals for the youngest. Children's electric scooters are equally easy to use, ensure safety while riding, and their size is appropriately adapted to the height of toddlers and teenagers (height adjustment possible). The maximum speed for children's models is 15 km/h, so our kids will ride more safely.

Each model available in our offer is made of high-quality materials that are durable, long-lasting and resistant to damage. All this makes the purchase of an electric scooter will certainly prove to be an excellent investment, as well as an excellent gift idea.

Electric scooter - store offering the most popular models at attractive prices.

We offer cheap electric scooters, which are proof that you do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy a modern and stylish unicycle. Attractive prices will certainly not strain your budget, so we encourage you to place an order today and take advantage of fast delivery.

There is also the largest selection of parts and accessories for electric scooters, which meet all the expectations and needs of our customers. It is worth opting for both the most popular unicycles, as well as professional kits for their maintenance, as well as articles that increase their functionality. All users of electric scooters will certainly find useful bags made of durable and waterproof materials, which are a practical gadget for carrying the vehicle.

We provide express shipping - for orders placed by 12:00 the same day and Saturday delivery.

Electric scooters - learn about their advantages

Electric scooter is an excellent alternative to a bicycle, and even in some situations to a car. It is very useful, especially in summer, when the weather is favorable for riding single-track. Using this type of transportation combines many advantages. First of all, we do not have to stand in traffic jams when we are in a hurry to go to work, school, university or extracurricular activities. Around the city during rush hour, you can get from one point to another much faster using an electric scooter than by car or public transportation.

In addition, you can often shorten your route, and it is much easier to park in most places. Even tight streets or narrow parking spaces are no limitation when riding an electric scooter.

It is worth noting another advantage, which is the easy movement on the scooter, the lack of the need for any authorization, and the possibility to admire the attractive urban scenery or park through which you are passing at the moment. 

An electric scooter is also a great option for ecology lovers, as it does not emit dangerous exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. It's also a way for recreational outdoor activities, as we don't have to use it at all just to get to work or school. You can take a trip out of town, along the boulevards or stow the electric scooter in the trunk of your car and take it with you on vacation. Due to its compact size and ability to be conveniently folded, it will certainly take up less space than a bicycle.

In addition, it is much more convenient than a bicycle, since you do not have to pedal while riding, which at the same time is associated with lack of fatigue. In a word, you do not need to be in great shape at all to enjoy the advantages of moving on an electric scooter. In addition to the need to change direction with the movement of the handlebars (right/left) and braking with special levers, the unicycle itself will take you to your destination.

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