Metal plates for bottom covers

Our online store can not miss items that will effectively protect customers' vehicles. A plastic or metal scooter cover prevents mechanical damage, as well as contamination, so it is certainly worth equipping with such products, especially after damage to the original parts.

Guard for scooter

Platform covers perform very important functions in a vehicle. A plastic battery cover for a scooter protects electronic components from contamination and mechanical damage. A metal platform cover protects the original plastic cover from curbs and rocks, and also makes it easier to clean the scooter. Importantly, the metal helps dissipate heat, so it prevents the equipment from overheating.

In this category we have included scooter platform covers and more. Screws effectively help to install the purchased platform covers, so it is worth equipping yourself with them. If you have any questions about the selection of suitable products, we are at your service.

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