Xiaomi 10" conversion kits

If you are looking for high-quality accessories for Xiaomi electric scooters, then our offer will certainly meet your expectations. We sell a lot of interesting products, among which you can find kits for converting your Xiaomi scooter to 10-inch tires. By purchasing such a package, you will be able to mount larger tires on your scooter and significantly improve the comfort of your ride. Our products are distinguished by high durability and careful workmanship. If you own a Xiaomi electric scooter, then regardless of the model, you can be sure that the kit will fit your vehicle.

High quality and durability of available solutions

The Xiaomi electric scooter conversion kits available from us for 10" tires are distinguished by a very good fit for the specific model of the vehicle. The components included in this kit are made of materials resistant to mechanical damage and to many other adverse factors. One of the components of such a kit are our own-made, reliable aluminum fender brackets, distinguished by very high strength and reliability. Our kits include reinforced 10" tires - model Wanda 2, which you will only get from us, as we are their direct importer. These are the best and most durable 10" tires that can be mounted on a Xiaomi scooter. What's more, products of this kind are very easy to install and use even for people who do not have much experience in this field. If necessary, the staff of our store will provide you with assistance and advice on the installation and configuration of the aforementioned conversion kits.

Conversion kits to fit any model of Xiaomi scooter

Our store boasts a very wide range of products created for users of Xiaomi electric scooters. We use modern 3D printers and have our own tool shop. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with scooter conversion kits for 10" tires, which include all the components needed to perform such a replacement. From A to Z. This makes it possible for you to buy such a kit with one click and be sure that everything will fit your scooter model.

Professional customer service

The reviews about our company are very positive due to our wide range of products and professional help in choosing the right accessories and parts to fit specific scooter models. Not without significance is also the price of the products we offer. It is not exorbitant, so you can make a purchase without having to spend a lot of money.

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