Shock absorbers and suspensions

Scooters are a very popular means of transportation, and in recent years have even taken over urban landscapes. They have gained popularity mainly due to their versatility - they are an inexpensive means of transportation that allows us to sneak quickly through the city when others are standing in traffic jams!

More and more people are choosing to buy a scooter for their own use - there is no denying that owning one definitely reduces the risk of damage, rapid wear and tear of parts or defects. Choosing the right model of scooter is extremely important for our health and attitude. It should have an adequate range, a short charging time, as well as a properly adjusted weight. However, it is worth paying attention to the recommended accessories that should be purchased for it to increase both the comfort and safety of the ride. How a scooter should be equipped also depends on your preferences and the terrain you intend to ride on. 

Shock absorber for electric scooter - Monorim, Esparts and Sharkset

A strongly recommended addition to an electric scooter not equipped with suspension from the factory is a shock absorber. Shock absorbers from Monorim, Esparts and Sharkset significantly improve the comfort of the ride - it's thanks to them that you can smoothly move it over any bumps without worrying about exposing the equipment to shocks. Thanks to the shock absorbers you will be able to ride comfortably, while maintaining adequate stability. Installation of the suspension is very simple - we send a video instruction to each product. Remember, too, that at any time you can remove the suspension and return to the original design of the scooter. Some suspensions can be adjusted according to the weight of the user, so that its damping force is as you want.

Suspension for Xiaomi and Ninebot electric scooter

The Monorim, Esparts and Sharsket suspensions available in our store are compatible with most popular scooter models, including Xiaomi and Ninebot. Thanks to the wide range, you will be able to choose the best suspension for your device. Monorim, Esparts and Sharkset are manufacturers of the highest quality electric scooter accessories. Each product undergoes quality testing and inspection of the tightness of all screws, which translates into the best user reviews.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with the suspension models available on our website at attractive prices. In order to familiarize yourself with the specifications of a particular product, as well as to check its compatibility with your scooter model, click on the suspension model of your choice. You are also welcome to contact us - we will assist you in choosing the right products.

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