Carry bags

Our products are all about making things easier - whether it's transportation, vehicle operation or visibility on the road. The scooter cover is no different - the product will make it easier for you to store and carry your equipment. The waterproof scooter cover with strap will be useful both on a daily basis and in exceptional situations - when you encounter rain or the battery dies.

Scooter transport bags - protect your equipment.

The bag will work well for those who use electric scooters as their main means of transportation, as well as recreationally. When you do not use your scooter for a long time, it is worth storing it in the garage or even a closet - a scooter bag will perfectly protect it! With the bag you will also move the equipment to any place with great ease.

Cover for an electric scooter - comfort and convenience.

A waterproof cover will allow you to store your scooter outside - it will also be a great way to transport the vehicle. Enthusiasts, who use the scooter for charming rides, will certainly appreciate the easy transfer of equipment, for example, to the trunk of the car. You will also transport the electric scooter in the case by train, which will provide exceptional comfort during the trip.

Fitted bag for electric scooter

The cover for an electric scooter must be of the right size to fit the equipment without any problems, while maintaining a small size. Our scooter bag is designed to meet these expectations - while protecting the vehicle from abrasion, rain, moisture and dust. Among other things, we offer a cover for Xiaomi scooter - perfectly suited for more than ten well-known models.

Minimalist bag for transport - electric scooters

Each scooter transport bag has a neutral design. We realize how difficult it is sometimes to match accessories with clothing. Therefore, in our store, we maintain a minimalist design of the products, meeting the needs of customers and making the purchase easier.

Universal bag for transporting an electric scooter

In the bag you will stow not only the electric scooter. The cover will also work well as a bag for the gym, travel or the store. Despite the perfect fit to the dimensions of the equipment and resistant material, it is one of the extremely versatile products.

Accessories - bags for transporting electric scooters from

At we focus on solid, durable products - whether accessories or electric scooters - we care about the best materials, performance and efficiency. You will find not only electric scooters and covers, but also bags-packs, handlebar baskets, grips, stickers, reflectors and much more! Ordering from our store means fast delivery and a proven manufacturer.

Bags for electric scooters - fast delivery.

Efficient delivery of products, attractive price and durable material? Store will take care of every aspect of successful shopping! You will find more information about the product after clicking on the selected cover. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - our courteous customer service will be happy to answer them.

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