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Accessories, gadgets and parts for the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2.

Everyone likes to tweak the equipment they use every day. Then we have the opportunity to personalize a favorite item or make using it even more enjoyable. Such equipment is undoubtedly electric scooters. They are used very intensively, as they are a daily means of transportation for many - often regardless of whether it is raining at the moment or it gets really hot during the day. That's why it's always a good idea to have useful accessories and consumables on hand, such as inner tubes or tires, so that equipment failure never surprises us. If you have decided to get a Mi Pro 2 scooter from Xiaomi, take a special look at this category - we have selected a lot of high-quality and useful accessories for you.

Accessories for Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 scooter.

In our store, we divide categories into scooter models specifically so that our customer does not have to unnecessarily scroll through entire pages of uninteresting equipment. Now you have everything compressed and can easily find what you are looking for, instead of unnecessarily combing through the pages of the store.

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We offer accessories perfectly matched to the models of the Mi Pro 2 series, all thanks to the fact that we manufacture some of them ourselves in our workshop - by hand or with 3D printers. This makes us have control over the entire production process - from start to finish.

Xiaomi scooter tires and tubes

A cracked tire or inner tube is the bane of anyone moving around on two electric wheels. You don't always have the opportunity to find a factory that will change your scooter tire, so it's worth being prepared to replace it yourself. . In our store you will find inner tubes, a wide range of tires, as well as spoons for removing and fitting tires. We also have whole sets of tires with tubes and spoons, where you will find everything you need to replace them yourself.

10 inch tires

If you want to significantly improve the comfort of your scooter, we have something especially for you. We offer full kits for converting your Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 scooter to 10" tires. They contain not only new, larger tires, but also all other necessary components to carry out such a replacement. Changing the tires from the factory 8.5" to 10" tires helps the scooter pick up any bumps in the road much better, as well as reach higher speeds. After making such a conversion, you will not recognize your scooter ;).

Tubeless tires

For those tired of constantly changing tires and tubes, we also have a solution. They are full tubeless tires. A tubeless tire will never puncture or break. Its abrasion resistance is also far greater than that of a classic tire with an inner tube. The system of internal spheres makes the ride almost as comfortable as on a classic tire. If you decide to replace the factory tires with tubeless tires, the whole set for their replacement will come to you.

Other accessories

We also offer other accessories that fit the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 scooter, both replacement consumable parts for wear and tear parts of the vehicle, as well as gadgets that make everyday use easier. Sometimes it's the little cheap thing that seems unnecessary that will make you love your scooter all over again.

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