Electric scooter is one of the most popular sports equipment, both children and adults use it. It can come in handy on the way to work, to coffee or for carefree rides around town. Unfortunately, some of the scooter's equipment can wear out. Nothing can spoil a ride more than faulty scooter bearings. For this reason, it's worth taking care of their regular maintenance or replacement. A new set of bearings will enable you to avoid problems with the smoothness of your ride.

A handlebar bearing for a scooter is an essential component that will allow full freedom when turning and protect the user from dangerous situations during the ride.

Electric scooter bearings - standards.

The front wheel and the rear wheel have two pairs of bearings. For example, in the most popular Xiaomi scooter, it is 6001RS (rear) and 6002RS (front). If they are not replaced in time, using the scooter can become uncomfortable and will make it difficult to accelerate to the expected speed.

How to maintain electric scooter bearings?

The scooter bearing should be cleaned regularly. In this case, a degreasing spray will work well. After application, wait about 5 minutes for the preparation to evaporate. Then grease is applied to the bearings - only a few drops are needed around the pivot. If the wheel or steering wheel rotates without grinding, there is no need to worry. When the disturbing noises persist, the bearings need to be replaced with new ones.

How to install a bearing for a scooter?

The bearing in the scooter can be installed without any additional tools. If it is correctly located in the core of the wheel, it should not protrude beyond the wheel. Otherwise, it can be damaged during the ride. For wheels with a metal core, you will need a rubber mallet and a piece of wood. With a metal hammer you can destroy the bearing, which will void the warranty.

Scooter bearings in our offer

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