10" solid tyres

One of the basic parts of a scooter are tires. It is worth ensuring that they are of high quality, as only such will guarantee a safe ride without the fear of "catching a flat tire" somewhere along the route. In this category of our store you will find high-quality tubeless solid tires in size 10", which are perfect for riding an electric scooter without the risk of catching a flat tire.

Solid tubeless tires 10" - what exactly are they?

The tires we meet every day are usually divided into two types - pneumatic (inflated) and solid (cast). The former can be further divided into tubeless and tubeless. Tubeless, as the name suggests, requires the use of a special inner tube along with them, which fills the space between the rim and the outer walls of the tire. This solution is cheap and widely used, but despite all its advantages it has a serious downside, which is its susceptibility to damage. Tube tires are quite durable, but when the inner tube is abraded or punctured and the tire pressure drops, further scooter riding will be impossible. There are also tubeless tires, which work on a similar principle, but due to their design, they do not need an inner tube.

With the development of technology, solid tires (mistakenly called tubeless by some) have appeared on the market. What are their characteristics? Unlike standard tubeless and tubeless tires, they are made of a solid piece of rubber (sometimes with shock-absorbing holes) and do not require air inflation. This allows the tire to remain durable, flexible and perform as well as the others, while resisting damage in the form of punctures or abrasion. Unfortunately, the cushioning provided by such tires is not as good as in inflated tires.

Solid tubeless tires available in our offer are very high quality products, fitting many models of scooters available on the market. Some of them have special holes that positively affect the shock absorption, increasing the comfort of the ride.

Why should you buy scooter tires from us?

Our store has been on the market for many years. We are professionals and passionate about electric scooters. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in this subject, so we are able to advise our customers well. The tubeless solid tires available from us receive very positive feedback from customers who have purchased them. They point out that their price is very attractive, they are durable and very easy to fit.

If you are looking for a store run by specialists that has everything you may need to improve, repair or modify your scooter, you are in the right place. You are welcome!

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