Brake calipers

Precisely matched to the model and created from durable materials and with great care, the scooter clamp translates into comfortable braking - with full adjustment of its strength. We offer only proven parts, original and matched to specific scooter models, series or manufacturers. To facilitate the replacement of parts, we offer calipers with pads installed and in sets, for example, with a brake disc. We will be happy to help you match the caliper to your equipment!

How to fit a caliper to an electric scooter?

An efficient brake is one of the most important parts of any scooter - it is responsible not only for an efficient and comfortable ride, but most importantly for its safety.

In turn, one of the most important parts of the braking system is the caliper, which translates, for example, the convenience of braking with the ability to fully adjust its force. For this to be the case, the caliper for an electric scooter must be made very precisely, with good quality materials. When choosing a clamp, you need to match it to the model of the scooter, it is also worth paying attention to its design. For the clamps available in our store, we include information about the models for which they are intended.

Some calipers are sold in convenient sets, including pads or discs. We offer original and proven parts that improve comfort and safety. These include semi-hydraulic calipers that increase braking power and - thanks to their special design and operation - wear slower than standard calipers. 

We will be happy to help you choose the right caliper and the whole set in relation to your needs or expectations!

Brakes, disc, pads, caliper - a fully safe and efficient scooter!

The braking system is a number of different parts that - working together - take care of the safety of riding an electric scooter. Each can be purchased in our store, these include matching different models:

brake pads,

brake discs,

brake cables,

brake levers,

caliper adapters.

In the "Electric scooter parts" category, in turn, you will find other replacement components, including rims, wheels, tires, tubes, lighting, bearings and forks. We also provide scooter service in Warsaw - if you need help replacing any part, feel free to visit us or send us your scooter. You are welcome!

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