Matte bumpers

Every day, the scooter is exposed to a myriad of mechanical damage: from abrasions and scratches of the gas or brake handlebars, to bumps on the body. How to make sure that the equipment comes out of each such event unscathed? Rubber protective tape for the scooter platform will perfectly protect the vehicle, as many of our customers have already found out.


Protective tape for scooter platform

Presented in this section of the store, protective tape is certainly a "must have" for any supporter of moving around the city on a scooter. The tape is made of high-quality rubber and has a strong adhesive tape, thanks to which the rubber effectively protects the edge of the scooter from scratches and impacts.

The presented tape performs a number of functions other than just protecting the vehicle from mechanical damage. The rubber protective tape for the platform masks existing scratches, so it improves the appearance of the scooter.

The tape also plays a personalization role - in the store we provide several colors for this accessory, which allows you to distinguish your scooter from other vehicles. We provide detailed information about a particular product in its technical description.

Rubber tape for the edge of the scooter - installation.

Despite appearances, the installation of products from this category of our store is trivially simple. On one side the tape is covered with glue, and on the other - with high-quality rubber. Installation requires that before sticking the tape clean and degrease the entire surface to which the protective tape for the platform is to adhere. Otherwise, the scooter tape may peel off and pose a serious danger to the user of the equipment, as well as look unsightly.

After cleaning the rant, you need to separate the layer with glue, and then apply it evenly to the side of the platform. Finally, just press the tape evenly, and cut off any excess product with a sharp knife. That's it! The protective tape for the scooter platform is ready to distinguish and protect your unicycle.

If you have any questions about your order or product, our store staff will be happy to answer them. A phone call or message is all it takes for us to provide the customer with expert advice.

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