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Motus is a Polish brand of electric scooters recognized as a leader in the industry. It creates ecological means of transportation combining modern design, good performance and rich equipment with comfort and safety of use. Motus electric scooter consists of a high-powered motor, a capacious battery and an effective braking system, as well as good lighting and many useful gadgets - all this in several variants to suit your needs and at affordable prices!


What are the distinctive features of Motus electric scooters?

High motor power - a hill is not an obstacle! The scooter models from Motus have a motor of up to 350 watts, mounted in the rear wheel. Thanks to this, they efficiently overcome hills of up to 20° and sizable bumps, and are distinguished by good steering and driving stability, even on sharp turns. Their maximum speed is up to 35 km/h.

Capacious battery - long range for long routes. Motus scooter has a battery with a capacity of up to 15 Ah, so you can ride up to 60 km on a single charge (at a weight of 60 kg). Covering the distance to work or school and back is no problem, and the charging time itself is short.

Comfortable design - riding comfort. Motus electric scooters are also a well-designed structure. You put your feet comfortably next to each other, regardless of your height you can straighten up, and stepping onto a curb is much less noticeable thanks to the good cushioning provided by the large 10-inch tires. The folding system with a hitch makes it easy to transport and store the scooter.

Great brakes and lighting - riding safety. Even the 10-inch pumped wheels provide a comfortable ride, the disc or drum brakes work extremely efficiently, and the KERS system recovers energy! Lighting (front, rear), also in pulse mode, allows you to ride safely at night.

LED display and app - everything under control! Motus scooter is also an easy-to-read display regardless of the sunlight, as well as a convenient app that allows you to set the parameters even before the trip, but also to check the mileage of the vehicle or monitor the battery level. 

Which Motus electric scooter to choose? 

Motus electric scooters include several series and more than a dozen models. The PRO series was created for the most demanding users and sporty mode of riding. And the Motus Scooty electric scooter is great for city use. The model is best suited to your needs and expectations. You can find a lot of useful information on the pages of individual scooters, but we are also happy to help you choose!

It's also worth checking out models from other brands, which you will find in the "Electric scooters" category, and take care of useful accessories for your electric scooter. Free shipping applies from 150 zloty. We will help anyone who contacts us - welcome!

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