8.5" Pneumatic tyres

Electric scooters have gained incredible popularity since their introduction to the general public. Thanks to them, moving around the city has become faster and easier. Therefore, it is not surprising that a market for spare parts and accessories for these vehicles was naturally born, of which our store is a part.

In this category on our website you will find high-quality 8.5" pneumatic tires for scooters, as well as the accessories necessary for their proper installation.

Pneumatic tires for Xiaomi scooter

The mentioned type of tires is technically nothing new. They are commonly used in cars, bicycles or machines. In most cases, pneumatic tires for scooters come with an inner tube, so it is closely related to the technology used most often in the bicycle industry.

The products you can find on our site are of very high quality, manufactured by CST, which is a leader in the production of scooter tires and which supplies its products to the Xiaomi brand. Improved scooter tires guarantee you good grip, are durable and wear out more slowly. They will make it safe to use this vehicle.

Importantly - in order to replace the tires on an electric scooter, we do not need to go to a specialist who will carry out such a replacement. The whole process is quite simple and any user, should cope with it. Tires for Xiaomi scooter, which you will buy from us, perfectly fit all models of this manufacturer. In addition, their price is very attractive, which is an additional advantage.

Why should you choose our store?

We are professionals who know their trade. We know perfectly well what needs our customers have, and it is especially for them that we prepare our offer. In the store you will find everything you need to repair or improve your electric vehicle. Reviews of users who have purchased from us are very positive. In them they emphasize that our store is reliable, prices are very attractive, and the quality of the delivered products is very high.

If you need parts for your electric scooter or would like to improve it in some way, then contact us. We guarantee high quality service and prompt delivery of your order. We cordially invite all interested parties to take a look at our offer. You will certainly find with us just what you need. If you do not know what product will be suitable for you, our specialists will be happy to help.

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