Scooter feet

In our store you will find scooter feet that are sure to help you during daily use. Our models are durable and created from proven materials. For this reason, we are confident that our offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We also offer competitive prices. We wish you successful shopping!

Foot for Xiaomi scooter

The foot is quite a sensitive part of the scooter. There are many situations in which it can be damaged. Moreover, its parts wear out during operation. Meanwhile, the use of the aforementioned vehicle without this element is particularly inconvenient. Especially if you want to park the device outside. For this reason, we decided to include Xiaomi scooter feet in our offer. 

Professional foot for Xiaomi scooter

Each Xiaomi scooter foot in our offer is a durable and proven product - we use the offered accessories ourselves. Moreover, the accessory is compatible with many popular models of the brand, including Xiaomi M365, M365 PRO, Mi Scooter 1S, Mi Scooter Pro 2, Mi Scooter Essential. 

We are aware that damage to the foot usually occurs in unexpected situations, so sometimes a quick replacement is necessary. We assure you that the scooter feet in our offer are very easy to install - just screw them in the right place with two screws. All moving parts of the feet move smoothly, and the excellent quality of the materials used in production means that our accessory will perform well for a long time.

Electric scooters have so many fans for a reason. They are a very convenient means of transportation, and practically free to operate. At the same time, using them is environmentally friendly. We are their users ourselves. Our mission is to provide high-end accessories that will improve the comfort of these vehicles. 

High quality and competitive prices - scooter feet and other accessories

You can trust us! We offer not only feet, but many other scooter accessories, such as grips, suspension systems, reinforcements, bags, covers and much more. Part of the assortment is made by us ourselves. We deliver orders within 24 hours. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact our experts.

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