Braking system

In this category you can find parts that make up the braking system for all models of Xiaomi electric scooters (M365, M365 Pro, Mi 1S, Mi Pro 2 and Mi Essential). We care about the quality of our products, striving to bring you only the highest quality parts that the original manufacturer would offer. Our store enjoys positive reviews from customers who have managed to convince themselves of the high quality of our products. Those who have made a purchase have noted the safety and comfort we guarantee. In addition, our store offers many products not available anywhere else, which makes us a good choice for people looking for parts for their electric scooter.

Brakes for electric scooter

One of the products we offer are brake pads and discs for electric scooters. They are available at very affordable prices and at the same time solidly made. You can choose from many types depending on the model of your electric scooter. Knowing how important the brake system is for an electric scooter, we go to great lengths to make our parts reliable, which greatly enhances safety. We want them to provide users with the highest possible riding comfort, which we are able to achieve by smoothly slowing down the speed.

Clamps for electric scooter

In our offer you will also find electric scooter clamps characterized by very high quality workmanship, so that they can guarantee maximum safety to scooter users. Carefully selected materials and carefully matched components guarantee high braking power, which allows you to react quickly, giving the user more control over the equipment, thus further increasing safety.

Why choose us?

We are a group of enthusiasts, considering electric scooters to be a great means of transportation, which is cheap, allows you to get virtually anywhere, and on top of that is environmentally friendly. We offer replacement parts at affordable prices so that your scooter can serve you for as long as possible. Thanks to our passion for our work and expertise, our products are made with attention to the smallest details, which makes them reliable. This is confirmed by our customers, from whom we receive only positive feedback.



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