Pumps and pumping

Poorly inflated tires can make driving almost any vehicle miserable. In the case of an electric scooter, properly selected pumping accessories will make sure that you are always ready for the journey, while already safe.


Prepare your scooter for the road - the best pumps

Our store offers the equipment necessary for the most common models of scooters, so you will take care of the safety and efficiency of your unicycle.

You will find in our store an extremely handy Xiaomi electric pump, which is so versatile that it will be perfect for pumping both a scooter and a car or bicycle. The powerful battery and light weight guarantee convenience - which is worth mentioning - regardless of the size of the wheels. The pump has a number of interchangeable tips for different valves. Compact size and charging using the very popular micro USB cable make this gadget extremely convenient and easy to use. Electronic pressure control makes it easy for anyone to handle this pump.

In some models of electric scooters, access to the valve, which is used to pump the wheels, is difficult, so in the assortment of our store you will find a useful accessory in the form of a valve extension. Thanks to it, preparing your scooter for riding will take much less time and will be more comfortable. The extensions have check valves, which ensure that even after disconnecting the inflator, the air does not escape from the wheels, which significantly increases the efficiency of the inflating process. Their solid construction makes them have a very long service life and are resistant to weather and corrosion.


Essential equipment for your electric scooter

When you buy our high-quality accessories and gadgets, you get a guarantee of their reliable performance. Both our scooter pumps and other components will make it easier for you to prepare your vehicle for the road. Precise manufacturing determines the high durability of our products. They are extremely easy to use, and their undeniable advantage is also their low price. Some of the accessories available in the store's offer are made in our company's workshop or are created with the help of the use of 3D printers, which translates into high quality and long-lasting durability. We encourage you to read the opinions of customers who confirm that the products in our offer are created with passion, precision and commitment.

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