Inner tubes

A properly selected inner tube for a scooter ensures safety, increases the comfort of the ride and prolongs the life of the tires. That's why in the store we carefully select parts and accessories, offering only products tailored to specific series and models of electric scooters. Tire size, valve type and wheel - we take care of all the most important information and help you select parts. And in addition to the sale of parts itself, we also offer to replace them in our service!

How to fit an inner tube for an electric scooter?

An inner tube for an electric scooter is a part that, first of all, should be matched to the size of the tire - some inner tubes will work well in different tires, for example, both in size 8 and 10 inches. What's more, the inner tube is also best matched to the scooter model, series or manufacturer, which is why we include information about the scooters it fits in the description of each product.

What else? You should certainly pay attention to the material and quality of workmanship, but also to additional features - such as a curved valve, which makes pumping easier (access to it is more convenient).

In the store we not only offer a large selection of scooter tubes that fit different tires and vehicle models, but also create practical sets of parts and accessories (e.g. tube + tire) and offer useful gadgets, such as a spoon for changing wheels or a valve extension. We will be happy to help you with your purchases!

Electric scooter inner tube and other necessary parts - store!

Electric scooters are not only our work, but also our passion! That's why - in addition to the store - we have also opened a scooter service, and we have included in the e-shop offer almost all the necessary and useful parts and accessories for the scooter user. We grouped them into several categories:

electric scooter parts,

electric scooter accessories,

parts and accessories by model.

Tires and tubes, rims and wheels, lighting, braking system, forks, cuffs, folding systems, pumps, fasteners, handles, locking fasteners or chargers - all this and much more you will buy in one place, conveniently and with express delivery!

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