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On this subpage in our store you will find high-quality scooter handles, which are very useful accessories. They come in different variants and options. We invite you to take a look at our offer

Holder for scooter and more

Imagine a situation in which we return from work on a scooter, without a backpack or any bag, and suddenly remember that we were supposed to do a little shopping. We enter the store, do the shopping and are about to get on the scooter, but a small problem arises, namely - transporting the shopping home with the scooter. Hanging shopping bags on the handles of the handlebars will not only reduce the vehicle's maneuverability, but also create the risk of damaging the products and even breaking the net. We can't hold them in one hand either - we need both of them to maintain a stable track and steer the scooter. What to do in such a situation?


If we don't want to drive our scooter all the way home, all we need to do beforehand is invest in a handle on which we can easily hang our purchases. You can find these small accessories in our store.

In addition to the shopping hooks that mount on the scooter, we also have scooter wall mounts, which, as the name suggests - we mount in the wall. Such a solution will allow us to save space in a situation where our scooter stands unused for some time, and we do not want it to take up free space in the garage, for example. In our assortment you will find a holder for Xiaomi scooter and more.

One of the complaints of scooter users is that in order to, for example, check the route on the GPS, they have to stop, as driving the scooter with one hand is basically impossible. However, manufacturers have decided to meet users' needs and have prepared special phone holders that work similarly to those used for cars, bicycles or motorcycles.

Why should you bet on our store?

We are a close-knit team of professionals who know exactly what customers want and need. All the products that are in our store are perfectly matched to the various models of scooters and made of high-quality materials. Our previous customers leave us positive feedback, in which they note that the goods received are perfectly in accordance with the description, the processing of the order was very fast, and the prices we offer are affordable. We cordially invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with our offer and make purchases.

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