Caps and covers

Proper care of any equipment prolongs its life. This applies not only to bicycles or skateboards, but also to scooters, which have become very popular in recent years on the wave of the emergence of new models designed for adults. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for replacement parts or additional components, such as the grilles and covers for scooters offered in our store.

Advantages of covers with reflective elements

Grilles and covers allow you to protect small parts of the structure. By protecting screws, hooks, wires or other parts, you will prevent the effects of adverse external factors. This will allow the components to last longer without worrying about damage, deterioration, corrosion or moisture ingress.

In addition, most of our covers have a reflective surface. Such a solution increases the visibility of the scooter driver after dark, so that he will remain noticed by pedestrians and drivers. It is much easier to cause a dangerous collision when the scooter is completely invisible, so the owner of such a copy should take care of proper marking.

Covers and grilles for scooters

In our store we present a category dedicated to various types of grilles and covers for the scooter. Among the products you will find reflective stickers, fender bolt bezels, fender hook covers, for the charging port, for the wheel, for the wires, as well as glass for the Xiaomi scooter screen display. You'll get most of the available parts in several colors to match the style of your vehicle. Also included are screws to attach them where you need them.

Our products are offered at attractive prices, and positive customer reviews confirm that all parts are made of good quality plastic. Thanks to this and solid workmanship, the bezels and covers can perform their functions perfectly, protecting the various components from external factors.

If you are looking for covers, grilles or reflective stickers for your traditional or electric scooter, order them from our store now. We guarantee that we will ship to you in 24 hours, and if you place your order by 12 o'clock, we will send the package the same day.

When it comes to such important parts as masking elements for your scooter, rely on professionals who know their stuff.

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