Phone holders

In the presented category there is a wide selection of high-quality phone holders for scooters, which are practical gadgets. It is worth complementing your unicycle with them, so that you can get even more joy and comfort from riding, as well as increase the safety of your smartphone. We invite you to explore the entire category, where everyone is sure to find the perfect phone holder for an electric scooter, meeting all expectations.

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Phone scooter holders - practical accessories

The phone holders for scooters offered in our store are mounted on the handlebars, and the installation itself is easy, so everyone can cope with it. All accessories are united by solid workmanship from top-class materials, among which aluminum is the most common. This raw material is durable, strong and resistant to damage, so you can be sure that the chosen holder will prove to be an excellent investment for many years.

This kind of gadget will be perfect for everyday driving, as well as for competitive driving, in which we overcome more difficult routes, full of bumps or hills. When exploring new and unfamiliar terrain, a map or GPS will certainly come in handy. It is for this reason that the phone holder attached to the scooter will keep the smartphone in a safe position and allow you to control the road visible on the screen and thus comfortably use navigation.

Importantly, the mount itself is completely non-invasive and does not affect the structure of the scooter, and its operation is very simple and convenient. Careful workmanship with attention to the smallest details ensures that the smartphone will not fall out of the holder even in extreme conditions.

Choose a phone holder for your scooter to match the unicycle you are using

In our store you will find many different types of models to fit your scooter. When properly assembled, a solid mount will never fail. For each set, in addition to the phone holder, we also add a metal clamp, reductions, keys and screws designed to screw on the accessory, as well as special sponges to protect the phone from scratches.

It is worth remembering to check whether the chosen accessory is compatible with your unicycle. In our offer you can find, among others, a phone holder for Motus Scooty 10, Ninebot Max G30 or Xiaomi M365, M365 Pro, Mi Scooter 1S, Mi Scooter Pro 2, Mi Scooter Essential and Mi Electric Scooter 3 scooters. In addition, most models can be mounted on any bike due to their high versatility.

Advantages of shopping at the store

Shopping at our store comes with many benefits. First of all, we offer the largest selection of scooter parts, gadgets and accessories in one place, which can be ordered without leaving home. We provide express delivery (for orders placed by 12:00 the same day), as well as the possibility of Saturday delivery of ordered products.

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