Front forks

Every user of an electric scooter tackling difficult terrain has experienced (or is likely to experience) damage to the front wheel attachment. Fortunately, a fork for an electric scooter can be bought separately and installed, restoring it to full working order. With us, in the store, you will find professional forks matched to the scooters of a particular brand. Transparent offer, professional assistance and express delivery!

Fork for electric scooter - when to buy and why is it so important?

A fork for an electric scooter is a movable component that is responsible, among other things, for the torsion of the wheel and connects it to the entire structure. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the fork gets damaged - it can break or bend - especially in difficult conditions, when you often ride on curbs or move over bumpy terrain.

If the fork for the scooter is damaged, just buy and install this part - this is an expense of several tens of zlotys, and in a few moments the scooter becomes functional again. A well-fitted and installed scooter fork translates into safety and comfort.

Forks are manufactured by various companies. It is advisable to choose the one designed for the scooter of a particular brand or a particular model - then the fork fits perfectly and does not cause any problems in installation. In our store we offer forks for Xiaomi scooters, among others. We also help in the selection, and we deliver the purchased goods promptly.

Not only fork for scooter, but also a large selection of other parts! is a real center for every scooter user - in the offer of our store you can find, among other things:

electric scooters,

parts for electric scooters,

accessories for electric scooters,

servicing of electric scooters.

We help you choose a scooter model and match parts or accessories, sharing our knowledge and experience and providing a personalized, professional approach to our customers' expectations. We care about the convenience of shopping and fast, efficient delivery. We have also created a service for scooters - we service equipment in Warsaw, but you can also deliver it to us via courier. You are welcome!

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