Protective covers

Even a vehicle as maneuverable as a scooter is subject to mechanical damage, i.e. bumps and scratches. At best, such an "accident" reflects on the appearance of the unicycle, and at worst - makes it impossible to ride. Our protective caps effectively prevent such defects.

Scooter protective covers

The category of protective caps in the store contains a wide range of products. And no wonder - proper protection of the vehicle significantly extends its life. So our customers can choose from several types of covers, such as:

display covers - made of plastic caps will protect the screen from water. Thanks to them, rain or dew will not damage the control panel;

covers for the accelerator handle - rubber accessories prevent scratching the element and ensure stable control;

covers for the brake lever - guarantee safe braking of the vehicle;

foot caps - prevent damage to the foot and scratching the ground;

fender hook covers - thanks to them the chances of scratching the scooter during folding are minimized.

In addition, accessories in attractive colors allow to personalize the scooter and distinguish it from other vehicles.

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