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VSETT electric scooters are the answer to the growing expectations of customers, demanding from these vehicles not only high durability, but also excellent riding comfort, above-average performance and modern design. All models of this brand more than exceed the exorbitant market standards and for good reason are considered an excellent buy in their price category. Each VSETT electric scooter is a complete device and is now also available for purchase in our store at an attractive price.

VSETT electric scooter - top performance at a good price

VSETT scooters have several features in common that set them apart from others. These include, first of all, above-average build quality. The individual mechanical components of each model - including double shock absorption or sturdy, strong wheels - guarantee the vehicle's excellent grip on the street. This is an issue of utmost importance from the point of view of the driver, who should maintain confident handling both when driving on asphalt streets and concrete sidewalks.

Unevenness is not a problem for the VSETT scooter, nor is sand or small stones, as it provides a stable ride regardless of the type of ground. Highly efficient electric motors make it possible to go up high hills (with an incline of up to 25 degrees!), which do not leave a dry thread on many market devices. The wheels are perfectly protected from standard damage resulting from riding on urban or non-urban streets, sidewalks and bike paths. What does this mean? Basically zero risk of sudden failure. Common advantages also include the scooter's range, top speed, and short charging time. However, this is just a snippet of the many pluses that speak for their purchase.

Are VSETT electric scooters durable?

Definitely yes! The VSETT brand takes care not only to imbue its vehicles with highly advanced technology, but also with durability. The class of workmanship can be seen especially by the numbers - for example, the VSETT 8 electric scooter weighs only 24 kg, which makes it very handy. It is equipped with folding handles, so you can store it even under your desk at work. However, such low weight does not equal inferior performance. VSETT mainly uses proprietary steel and aluminum alloys and plastics for its vehicles, specifically to maintain high rigidity with minimal weight. The wheels, drivetrain or brakes and frame speak clearly and distinctly of VSETT products.

High motor power - each VSETT electric scooter clearly competes for the leading position in its price category. This can be seen, among other things, in the performance. The different variants have motors ranging from 600 watts, in one motor, to as much as 2,800 watts (in two motors of 1,400 watts each). This is a variant whose top speed can be as high as 75 km/h.

Highly efficient battery - VSETT electric scooters are also designed for long and intense, dynamic riding in urban and non-urban conditions. This is evident from the large battery, which in the case of the 10 variant reaches 20.8 Ah capacity. The short charging time and huge battery life means that the need to replace it won't happen too soon.

Powerful disc and drum brakes - it's not just acceleration and maintaining high speeds that matter - equally important, especially in terms of safety, are the brakes, which should brake the vehicle from virtually any speed in as short a time as possible.

VSETT electric scooters - the most important technical parameters.

It is worth knowing that each VSETT electric scooter is also characterized by the use of interesting technical solutions that increase the comfort of the trip and the safety of the rider. First of all, it is worth mentioning among the basic accessories the thumb-operated turn signals, visible from a distance, as well as the NFC proximity key, innovative in the arena of scooter manufacturers. This is an excellent solution for protecting the device from theft, as well as a significant convenience for the driver, who can use the innovative NFC key to start his vehicle in literally one second.

Not without significance is not only the high engine power, but also the powerful LED lighting, which provides excellent visibility on the street. The phone holder, which only with us you get completely FREE, in turn, will certainly prove very helpful for those who want to take care of their smartphone while traveling. It is durable and sturdy, so surely the smartphone placed inside it will not fall out of it even while riding on uneven roads.

VSETT 8 electric scooter - is it a good choice in its price category?

Definitely yes! The VSETT 8 electric scooter comes in two variants - with two motors of 600 watts each or with a single motor of the same power. While these vehicles share power, they are united by a host of technical advantages that are important from the rider's point of view. First of all, a very capacious 48-volt battery, which, depending on the version, is 16 Ah or 15.5 Ah, as well as powerful wheels with a diameter of 8 or 8.5 inches. The protection class is IP44 in both cases, the maximum range is also identical - about 50 km, and the speed max. - 40 km/h.

Both devices, as befits the VSETT brand, are equipped with an easy-to-read display, showing 20 different functions to help during the ride, including the current speed or battery level. They also have a folding function, as well as adjustable handlebars, spring cushioning and a maximum load capacity of 120 kg.

VSETT 10+ Lite electric scooter - strong, comfortable and convenient

VSETT 10+ Lite electric scooter is a device designed for the most demanding. It differs from its predecessors first of all by its extremely high technical sophistication, evident from the smallest performance parameters. The differences are in terms of, among other things, the battery, which in the case of this VSETT brand bestseller is 20.8 Ah. It is used to drive two motors working synchronously with a power output of, bagatelle, 1400 watts each (1800 watts peak power).

As a result, the scooter can be driven up to 75 km/h, making it one of the fastest on the market. Such good performance, however, does not affect the reduced range, which is up to 60 km. This is an excellent result, considering the excellent driving performance. Order your new VSETT electric scooter today.

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